The perfect girl-trip getaway!

The years goes by, and my bestie and I don’t realize the fact we haven’t bin on a girls trip for ages. The last time was actually six years ago –

how did that happen? Any way, Denmark and Aalborg became our first  trip after all this time, and we just couldn’t wait. Already at the Color Line ferry from Kristiansand to Hirtshals, sitting with a cup of coffee in our hands waiting for the edventure we had no idea what would include – we just knew we were going to have the time of our lives.

Finnaly in Aalborg, the parking at the hotel was super easy and the hotel reception was too cute. And the the hotel view from our room – WOW! I absolutely loved it, picturing the beauty of Aalbog super central. Heading over for lunch at Penny Lane, this super uniqe and cute cafè. We order something to share, a Danish tapas. Very interesting and local- kinda! A

nd their cakes, even my gluten allergic bestie found something stunning!

Next up was adventure time, the climbing park gave us adrenaline, SO MUCH laughter and we both felt like childs again. Back at the hotel again we took a glass of prosecco to relax our nervs that still were shaking! LOVE IT.


Dinner time was coming, and we had no expectations other than it was going to be vegetarian. And WOW WOW WOW! What and incredible experience, the food, the presentation of it – absolutely magnificent! There was a five-course meal wit

h wine and extremely good service. And the best part – my super gluten allergic friend could not believe the bread, the best gluten free bread she had ever tasted! Big kudos.


Second day started with some city strolling and shopping, love the streets of Aalborg- very cute! Then lunchtime at Azzurra, pizza time! And here again, my friend was in shock by the gluten free pizza, again the best she had ever tried. The gorgonzola-pizza was also a winner!! After lunch we headed for a street art walk watching all the creative part the city had to offer, and it’s a lot!!


The stret art walk made us hungry again which was perfect because dinner at Søgaard Bryghus was waiting – a three course meal with open bar! WHAT AN AMAZING CONSEPT! Norway has no such thing. The steak was perfect – everything. And the desert – my gosh WOW.


Last day of our adventure was coming, and surfing was on the agenda. Can u believe?  We thought one had to travel all the way to Portugal to surf, but hey – Løkken has it. Surf lesion ad the beach by a really good instructor that knew exactly what to do to make us feel both save and pro. Tired by the surfing we hit the beach bar and had some fish&ships and some local beer. And then the most amazing was awaiting, being picked up by a Landover and drifting our way down the beach. The guys was the best, making sure we had the time of our lives. We did a hike, to an old light house, felt like being in the desert. So lucky to experience the nature of Denmark, I felt like I was in Australia with the cliffs and everything.

Dinner at the beach was waiting, had it next to the bunkers! Warm sun on our faces, a bbq, some beer and wine, good company and really – so easy, noting fancy, yet that kind of a moment I will always longing after. Sunset, wine, fun, and creating memories with my bestie. Nothing more to ask for.

Aalborg is a kind of a place that surprises. Every corner of the city is unique and different and cute in some ways. I wish we had more time to stroll in a slow pace around the city, because I would absolutely fancy shopping in those small local stores, drinking more wine at the cafès and going for morning runs at the river. In love with the city, and in love with my new memories with my besite from the city just down there. See you again soon, Aalborg.

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